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Wednesday, 16.05.07

Fujitsu Siemens or HTC? HTC or Fujitsu Siemens? [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:41 CET under Digital - Gadgets

No question, when I saw the HTC Shift announcement the first time I was thrilled by HTC's first UMPC but now I wonder if the recently announced Fujitsu (Siemens) is the better choice?
the::unwired reader Ralf just sent this photos from the WinHEC he's currently attending in L.A. and no question - both devices have their advantages:

I think everything comes down to the included WWAN options and while the Shift is announced to have GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA I haven't read a single line about WWAN functionalities of the Fujitsu (Siemens) UMPC yet. If WWAN isn't part of the pack, it's a no-go anyway.

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Wednesday, 09.05.07

The Impact of Bloggers to Election Campaigns
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:50 CET under Off Topic

Yesterday I've seen an interesting report about blogging during the French Presidential election campaign at ARTE (for sure I've watched it place-shifted ;-) ) and it's quite impressive to see, how French parties used bloggs, bloggers, websites (in general), online videos and the Internet during its election campaigns.
Never knew that the Internet is so much used in France and that the parties have recognized blogs and bloggers as valuable opinion makers. I mean, they spent millions of Euro to ran the election campaigns in the Internet as well.

If you speak French or German (or you understand it at least) you can watch the report online for the next 6 days at again - absolutely recommended!

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Tuesday, 08.05.07

Some Free Stuff from NewsGator
Posted by Arne Hess - at 18:34 CET under Digital - Lifestyle

My favorite RSS Feed solution (yes, it's not just a reader but way more), which runs on my PCs (Outlook), on my Windows Media Center Edition (as a MCE Service) and on my Windows Mobiles (either as stand-alone client or application), NewsGator just updated their web site and pointed out some great new free stuff for you:

  • FREE Browser Toolbar: Subscribe to feeds and even clip web pages with a single click
    Subscribing to feeds couldn't be easier! The NewsGator browser toolbar automatically finds RSS feeds on web pages that you are reading (even ones that aren't marked!). With a click of a button, you can preview or subscribe to the feed so it automatically shows up in your favorite reader. It also lets you save (clip) any web page to your reader even if the page doesn't have a feed, and it lets you see what pages are linking to the page you're viewing with the cool Discussion feature. You can also search NewsGator's huge online database of feeds to quickly add new subscriptions.
  • FREE Desktop Notifier: Get pop-up notifications of your most important feeds
    Once you try NewsGator Desktop, you'll wonder how you ever got your news without it. NewsGator Desktop runs in your system tray (those little icons in the lower-right corner of the screen). You tell it how often you want it to check for news. When there are new stories available, it pops up a small window where you can quickly read, save, or email the article. You can fly through stories with simple keyboard shortcuts (like spacebar to mark a story read and move to the next one). You can decide exactly what feeds will show up here, so only the most important articles will pop up.
    NewsGator Desktop does a second very cool thing – it will synchronize with your Windows RSS store. What does that mean? If you're using IE7, Outlook 2007 or Vista, NewsGator Desktop can make sure the feeds and articles you see in those applications match the ones in your NewsGator reader. You'll never have to mark an article read in two places again.
  • FREE Screen Saver: Catch your news while your PC takes a snooze
    See your news when your PC takes a snooze! You can use the locations feature in your account to specify only the feeds you want on your screen. You can use the arrow keys to move through feeds and articles in the screensaver and the spacebar to go read the story on the web.

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Place-Shift presentation at Salzburg Mobility User Group Meeting
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:23 CET under Digital - Lifestyle

Just in case you are living anywhere in southern Germany or northern Austria and you are interested in Place-Shift, how it works, which options you have and how it looks in reality - the Salzburg (Austria) mobility club user group has invited me to present place-shift during its next meeting - this Thursday:

10. Mai 2007 at 19.00 h
Gasthof Jägerwirt
Kasern 4, 5101 Bergheim
Autobahnabfahrt Salzburg-Nord hinter Fa. Palfinger

So I will have a couple of Windows Mobile Smartphones with me where I will live demo Sling Media's Slingbox, WebGuide4 and will talk and show other options as well. Oh yes - one side note - I will present it in German. ;-)

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Monday, 30.04.07

A package from SF - Timbuk2 Day at the::unwired HQ
Posted by Arne Hess - at 20:28 CET under Digital - Lifestyle

Some friends say I would/could be the better woman with my mania for bags and indeed - beside addicted to electronic gadgets I'm also addicted to bags. I think everything started back in the school days when I've started with backpacks. Today, I'm rarely use backpacks but prefer bags - to be more precise messenger kind of bags and my favorite companies are Chrome and Timbuk2 (both from San Francisco - most likely the home of messenger bags) not to say that I collect bags as women collect shoes. ;)
But I'm not alone, thankfully also my girlfriend likes Timbuk2 as much as I do and therefore last week we've ordered some items from their great online shop which arrived today:

On the photo above from left back to right to left front:

Well, in case you think know that most items above are for me you are correct. But - my girlfriend has more Timbuk2 bags than me already - therefore it was time for me to catch up! ;)

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