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Tuesday, 17.04.07

Test Posting [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 12:33 CET under Off Topic

Read or Ignore... :-) Watch or ignore but better watch... :-)

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Thursday, 05.04.07

Off Duty - Happy Easter
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:05 CET under Off Topic

All right, it's time for me to leave the office now. Will head over to Austria to meet my family and having some hope in my bag, that I still can catch some snow there to have a last snowboard ride for this season.

And since the Winter was way too worm here, it would be my first ride for this season as well. :-( So hopefully I will find some slopes while I don't expect to have any "Champaign Powder" anymore.

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Saturday, 31.03.07

Comments are enabled now
Posted by Arne Hess - at 16:27 CET under Off Topic

Here we go, so of you asked for enabling the comments in my personal blog, especially after my last posting about which virus scan to use with Windows Vista. So from now, you can comment my personal postings as well. :-)

As always at the::unwired, I believe in freedom of speech and I don't want to force anyone to register just to give a comment. Nor I'm collecting E-Mail addresses and therefore you don't have to register to comment - just comment.

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Tuesday, 27.03.07

Windows Vista and which Virus Scanner?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 10:24 CET under Off Topic

Maybe anyone of you have a recommendation - I'm looking for a new virus scanner I can use with my Windows Vista Professional setup. Coming from MacAfee, I switched to Norton years ago. However, I was never really satisfied with Norton (while I have no experience with Norton 360), especially because of the system resources it took over. And quite frankly, even if I'm a big Microsoft support, I think Microsoft OneCare is a no go (at the moment) so I thought about Kaspersky Anti-Virus which I'm currently trialing (and I'm impressed about the update frequency of their virus signatures - are these guys ever sleep? ). However, unlike other programs, you cannot/shouldn't install virus scanners in parallel so it's hard to compare all the available products and I don't have the time to install and try one after the other. So I'm going to ask you - any goods and bads with Kaspersky - any other recommendations?

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Wednesday, 14.03.07

The Wow Started Today - Bill Gates opened the MVP Global Summit
Posted by Arne Hess - at 00:40 CET under Off Topic

As I mentioned earlier, this week I'm in Seattle attending the Microsoft MVP Global Summit and also mentioned earlier, the whole event is for Microsoft MVPs only and therefore covered by our NDAs we have. Therefore we/I cannot talk to much what's going on here but I can share with you, that the summit started today.

Kicked-off yesterday with the registration and a regional dinner (on the photo bellow, some of the many Mobile Device MVPs (from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy (and I hope I haven't forgotten anything)) representing you - the Windows Mobile users),

today Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates started the 3 days session with a keynote followed by a Q&A and it's always interesting and refreshing to hear, what Bill Gates vision is, to listen his predictions and to learn more, where Microsoft is going to:

After the keynote, several general sessions like Xbox, Windows Live, etc. followed and unfortunately I'm not allowed to tell you anything more but I can tell you that - if you have a Xbox 360 already - something great is coming 2007. If you don't have a Xbox 360 yet but you are interested in computer gaming, you might better buy one soon to be ready to start (and no, this isn't Windows Mobile related but just on its own and completely off-topic).

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