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Monday, 27.08.07

Q: DVD and external USB 2.0 HDD - does it work?
Posted by Arne Hess - at 18:53 CET under Digital - Lifestyle

Any Windows Vista Media Center experts here? I've always a couple of ripped DVDs on my Media Center's hard disk drive for two reasons, first I can easily watch these DVDs without doing the DJ and second, maybe even more important, I wan watch these DVDs, wherever I'm in the world thanks to WebGuide4.
However, recently the main HDD of my Windows Vista Ultimate Media Center ran low on storage space and I bought an external USB 2.0 HDD where I've moved all my music, photos and videos to.
While photo and music access worked fine (locally and remote), I ran into a serious problem with the videos. I wasn't able to play the DVDs anymore, neither locally (thanks to the Windows Vista Media Center hack) nor remotely through Webguide4. On my Media Center I got a notification, that the videos cannot be played and on my Windows Mobile devices (as well as my Notebook) I got another weird notification.
No way to play these videos. As soon as I moved them back to the main HDD everything worked fine again.

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Tuesday, 31.07.07

Back on Duty
Posted by Arne Hess - at 09:43 CET under Off Topic

Not sure if you have missed during the past weeks and days but I've missed you! :-) In fact I was off for some days vacation across Europe and before I was on some business trips across Germany and Europe but thanks to my Windows Mobile devices and my beloved Tablet PC, I've tried hard not to let you know that I was away. ;-) In fact the hotel in Spain even had (free) W-LAN in the hotel room and across the pool area which kept me connected during my vacation as well (should I say I'm addicted?). Not just for work but also for reading the news"paper" (or in this case the news"PDA") from my Windows Mobile devices without paying too much for International Roaming but since I've received some interesting information like the latest about the new Asus Windows Mobile 6 Professional device, I was able to post it straight from the pool! :-)

And even if the pool was somehow not "too cold", I can tell you it was still a refreshment because the air was even hotter (on the photo bellow the pool temperature, not the air temperature):

Regarding the place I was after, I don't have to say too much - I think. Can you figure it out too? ;-)

(I love the kind of "Springfield clouds" on the right photo above)

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Sunday, 15.07.07

Summer in the City
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:42 CET under Off Topic

That's what I call a hot day in the city (Munich, Germany):

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The Blog is Back
Posted by Arne Hess - at 17:35 CET under Off Topic

Here we go, after I was working the whole week on the::unwired to make everything working again, today I found the time to make my personal blog working on the new server again as well.

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Monday, 11.06.07

It's here - Apple Safari Browser for Windows XP and Windows Vista [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - at 20:52 CET under Digital - Lifestyle

Boah, today - during the WWDC07 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced Apple's Safari browser for Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs which you can download right now in Public Beta 3 from Apple:

I've just installed it on my Windows Vista Tablet PC and as Steve said in his keynote - Safari is amazing fast!

UPDATE: And f*cked up after 5 minutes:

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