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Doesn't have Business Users a need for Entertainment too?
Posted by Arne Hess - at Tuesday, 20.03.07 - 13:45:55 CET under Digital - Lifestyle - Viewed 10466x

If you compare the Windows Vista versions (best before you upgrade/buy one), it shouldn't be a surprise at all but I'm still wondering why Microsoft left the inbuilt DVD codec support out of Windows Vista Business as it is part of Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate? And it keeps me to the questions if Microsoft really believes that business users doesn't have a need for entertainment?

I mean how many normal users watch DVDs on their PC or Notebook? Not too much I would think but the real PC DVD-watcher are mostly business travelers, bored in hotel rooms or during flights and this customers cannot watch DVDs without any further codec installation (which you better know before you leave) and they even cannot watch Media Center recordings, they might have copied to the Notebook prior departure because Microsoft's propriety Media Center codec is also not supported in Windows Vista Business. Oh come on Microsoft, the world isn't that black and white that a business users (which I would call myself as well) hasn't have needs for entertainment but is wrestling his Excel spreadsheets 24/7. No, it happens even more often than you might think that business users have "kill time" where they want some entertainment.

Thankfully, before I left my home last week, I've installed my good old Nvidia PureVideo Decoder software (which works still great in Windows Vista and is completely graphic card independent) which I bought previously for my Windows Media Center Edition 2005. Nvidia PureVideo Decoder is a simple plug-in for the Microsoft Windows Media Player and Media Center Edition which delivers smooth video when watching DVDs, videos, and TV recordings on your PC and thankfully - it's not a full blown DVD Player software I don't need at all since Windows Media Player is good enough to watch DVDs. Nvidia's PureVideo Decoder even features Dolby Digital surround sound audio (in its Gold and Platinum edition while I have the Bronze only which is good enough anyway) and supports all the video features on your Microsoft DirectX compatible graphics processor.

Anyway, sad enough that Windows Vista Business comes without DVD and Media Center (playback) support and I'm still trying to figure out, why Microsoft has left such an important feature?

Cheers ~ Arne

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