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Monday, 02.10.06

Improve your Airport experience with the Sling Media Slingbox
Posted by Arne Hess - at 19:13 CET under Digital - Lifestyle

As you know, I'm currently hanging around in the U.S. since I'm decided to stay some extra days here after the Möbius Boston event for some sightseeing as well as visiting my aunt in NYC.
Nevertheless, this means traveling and yesterday evening was another evening I had to stay some hours on the airport (and thanks to the increased security checks, you never know when you have to be there which mostly means you are on airports way too early) and had this "kill time" which means I was way too tired to work but was looking for some entertainments.
Even web-surfing becomes boring, sooner or later, if you have read all your RSS channels and since it was weekend, not too much happened in the tech-world. Another great test for my Sling Media Slingbox which was already awaiting me.

Thankfully, the Boston Logan International Airport has a terminal-wide W-LAN coverage and therefore I was looking for a nice bar, to have some beers and a snack. I found one (with - what Samuel Adams calls - some "October Fest Beer (not to comparable  with the real Oktoberfest Beer in Munich) and after some clicks and taps on my O2 Xda trion, I was connected (for US$ 6) to the W-LAN.
So here we are, I've fired up the Sling Player Mobile and had the full access to my German TV-channels. Kill time became Kill Bill Vol.1 which was on show and while most Americans watched one of the two Football matches on the flat screens in that bar (Football was the reason why the guys over at Sling Media invented the Slingbox), I've watched my German TV:

Thanks to my Bluetooth headset, I was pretty much on my own, until a guy next to me asked me what I was doing there (another European who hadn't too much use for Football). So I've explained him first Windows Mobile and after the Slingbox (thanks to the Internet connection we were on the Slingbox site as well). Since he was from the UK, he is able to buy it and he told me he had seen it in the shops already but never had an idea for what the Slingbox was good for. Also his friend was pretty amazed (a real Rugby-fan as what I can say) and both are traveling to the U.S. regularly (and if one of these guys reads this here: welcome to the::unwired since I gave both my business card and recommended to visit the::unwired to get more information about mobility and wireless).

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Tuesday, 26.09.06

Möbius 2006 - Day 0
Posted by Arne Hess - at 23:46 CET under Job - Editor and Journalist

Ok, i was quite a little bit silent here during the past days (on the::unwired) and the past weeks (in my blog). Well, at the moment I'm a little bit (too) busy with another job/task and therefore I hadn't found too much time to jump in here.
Anyway, I took some days "off" now to join the Möbius 2006 conference in Boston (you remember, Möbius Part 1 was last week in Thailand).

So I've just arrived, (thankfully) non-stop from Munich and checked in just to find out, I've forgotten some adapters at home (as I said, I'm quite busy at the moment and it looks like I had my head anywhere else when I've packed my bag). Anyway, thankfully the hotel is located close to a mall where we have BestBuy and RadioShack which means I can a) charge my devices (I had the European chargers with me only plus two USB cables I could use for charging anyway) and b) I can upload photos from the event (because I also forgot my CF to PC card adapter because I changed my bag in the last minute to a backpack).

I flew with Lufthansa which still operates Connexion by Boeing and basically I was online the whole flight; but not with my Notebook (the battery is completely dead, right after 45 minutes, the Notebooks hibernates - in the beginning it worked roughly 4 hours on battery and since I had an Economy chair, I hadn't had a power plug there) but with my O2 Xda trion (which means I've used the trion together with W-LAN for around 5 - 6 hours). Not that bad but after the flight, also the trion's battery was completely drained.

So here we go tonight with the meet and great to follow-up with the conference tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to meet old fellow Möbians again and to meet new ones, most often folks which websites I read every day but I never met in reality so far nor I know who they are.

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Tuesday, 01.08.06

Unboxing the HTC MTeoR and HTC TyTN
Posted by Arne Hess - at 15:05 CET under Digital - Gadgets

This morning I found a notification in my postbox, that a parcel service tried to deliver a long awaited package yesterday and I gave the driver an imidiate call-back. One hour later, he rang again and handed-over a package from HTC's marketing agency - containing the HTC MTeoR Windows Mobile UMTS Smartphone/aka HTC Breze and the HTC TyTN Windows Mobile UMTS Pocket PC Phone Edition/aka HTC Hermes (I've already reviewed in the O2 Xda trion version some time ago).

So well, not too much to say if you unbox something. :-) The review of both devices will follow ASAP - hopefully during this week:

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Friday, 30.06.06

Unboxing the O2 Xda trion Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - at 13:52 CET under Wireless - Mobile Devices

Thanks to O2 Germany, yesterday I've received the final O2 Xda trion aka the HTC Hermes. The first tri-band UMTS Windows Mobile Pocket PC and I'm just going to provide you these photos without any further comments. Enjoy:

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Tuesday, 27.06.06

Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5456 is now available for download!
Posted by Arne Hess - at 11:55 CET under Off Topic

I've just received an E-Mail from the Microsoft Windows Vista Beta team and these guys are pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft Windows Vista Build 5456 - a new and freshly updated Beta 2 version! Many of the things we - the users - have reported in Beta 2 have been fixed and while Microsoft believes this build to be generally better than the initial Beta 2, it is an interim build only and has not been through a rigorous test pass, also it's not the earlier announced RC!

In addition to the many bug fixes we'll find:

  • List View is back! Thanks to your feedback on this the shell team has added back this popular feature.
  • We no longer change the system clock when you set your time zone. We have removed this feature.
  • UAC behavior has changed a bit. You'll find deleting things off the desktop to work much easier now for starters.
  • The images posted first will be for x86 and x64 English. Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate are all in the image and can be installed with the appropriate product key. You will not need a new key for this build. Existing beta 2 keys will work.
  • The Windows Driver Kit, Software Development Kit in addition to German and Japanese language versions of Vista are planned to follow shortly.

The following download packages are available for download now:

  • Windows Vista Beta 2 English builds for x86 and x64
  • Windows Vista Beta 2 Japanese Build for x86 and x64
  • Windows Vista Beta 2 German Build for x86 and x64
  • Windows Driver Kit
  • Windows Software Development Kit

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